• Control Business Profitability across all operations

    Learn how transparent profitability analysis is helping India's largest Freight Forwarder and Custom House Agent measure business benefits
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  • 200,000 sq.ft. space. 150,000 parts.

    Not a single one Missing. Gain complete 'Inventory Control'
    with E&A's RFID Solutions.
    Prevent loss due to inventory shrinkage
  • Track Employee Metrics with 360° view

    Learn how SmartTime use 'Smart' tactics to manage employee metrics with least capital investment
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  • Cooperate, Coordinate, Collaborate

    Industry changing solutions enabling end user to take complete charge of his responsibilities
    Work & Grow, Together
  • 250,000 items. Zero Errors

    Learn how E&A's 'Storas' has helped India's leading Food Suppliers, Ship Chandlers to fulfill delivery expectations
    On Time, In Full